Hi PowerPlayers!


We are excited to announce that,we will now be open 24-hrs as of Saturday June 27th. As we return back to normal operations we have outlined some frequently asked questions for you below:

Does this mean I can now train at any time of the day?

Yes, you can scan in any time of the day or night, from 12am Saturday, June 27th.

Our admin/staffed ours are:

Mon - Fri: 0830 - 1130

Mon - Thur: 4pm - 7pm

Saturday: 0800 - 1100

What changes have you made to ensure hygiene is maintained at the gym and during classes?

We have implemented an increased cleaning schedule, both during staffed hours and outside of staffed hours, as well as provided 8 cleaning stations with antibacterial wipes and germicidal disinfectant, to ensure we minimise risk and maintain the hygiene of the gym.

The safety of our members and staff is our main priority and as such, we have put in place additional controls including:

  • Social distancing to ensure a minimum of 2 sqm between each individual whilst exercising

  • Assisting health authorities with contact tracing

  • Ensuring members bring a towel and own water bottle 

  • Thorough cleaning of all equipment by staff 

  • Equipment to be sanitised between uses 

Can we now share equipment in the gym and during classes?

Government guidelines encourage that we reduce the amount of equipment which is shared however, we are able to share equipment, as long as it is sanitised between uses.

Do we need to book for gym access and for group fitness classes?

No, you don't need to book online for access. As always, we ask that everyone scans in at entry to the gym, both for security reasons and for contact tracing. You will still need to book for Creche.

Are your creche facilities open?

Yes, your creche facilities and open and available for bookings at the below times:

Mon - Fri: 0830 - 1130

Saturday: 0800 - 1100

What do I need to bring with me to the gym?

All members are required to bring a towel and water bottle with them to train. If you forget, we do have towels to borrow and drinks for sale. 

Our water fountain tap is on however the fountain has been closed for use until further notice.