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Maximise Your Full Potential.

Our facility has everything you need under the one roof!

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PowerPlay Health and Fitness is a 24/7 gym that has been changing lives in Yanchep since we were established in 2015.


We believe that fitness is not a hobby, but a way of life and having 24 hour access to your local gym allows it to work for you and your lifestyle.


We founded our gym to be the second home for all of our members. Whether you exercise everyday or you’ve never stepped into a gym before, PowerPlay Health & Fitness can help shape the new you.

Here at Powerplay we pride ourselves in offering friendly and reliable service to all members of the PowerPlay family.

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$17.95 per week standard membership, no-lock-in contact, no join fee, no card fee. 


 -  24/7 Gym Access

 -  Access to all classes held at
     Powerplay Fitness 247

 - Evolt Body Scan


 - Program


 - Consult 


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Personal Training

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“Great gym, 24 hour access, friendly staff and a vibe throughout the gym. A wide range of equipment and classes and a great creche facility. Can't fault this gym..”

Britt P


Fun - We are dedicated to ensuring that engaging and enjoyable training is accessible to individuals of all fitness levels.

Objectives - Constant emphasis is on goal-oriented approaches. By having a clear understanding of your destination, you can effectively stay on track and achieve success. 

Community - We strive to foster a community that embodies the qualities people desire to be a part of, where accountability and support are paramount throughout your fitness journey.


Understanding -  Recognising the uniqueness of each individual, their diverse goals, and distinct needs allows us to consistently deliver exceptional service to every member that comes through our doors.

Support - Maintaining consistency is crucial when it comes to achieving any goal. By offering continuous education and motivation, we strive to provide unwavering support to our members throughout their health journey. 

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